What is a Bitcoin mixer?

bitcoin mixer 2021

Perhaps you have never heard much about Bitcoin mixing, but it is essentially a service that allows Bitcoin owners to mix their coins together in order to protect their anonymity. because the nature of the block chain is such that it is a ledger which can never change, all transactions cryptocurrency, with the exception of […]

How To Make Bitcoin Anonymous

    People who are curious will always know too much about things like cryptocurrency and Bitcoin mixers. If you are one of those, be ready to take a five into the pool of wealth which is not only called a tumbler but also a scrambler or a shuffler. You can use these simultaneously if […]

Bitcoin Mixers And Tumblers And How They Work

If you are here to learn about what a Bitcoin mixer is, brace yourself! It is also known as a tumbler, scrambler or a shuffler. These are some words that people use to prevent others finding out the source of the trade of their coins. This service is very handy when it comes to using […]

Why wasabi wallet is not a good bitcoin mixer

Many people these days recommend wasabi wallet as a bitcoin mixer. But you should consider that the method it uses to mix your bitcoins are not proven to be safe. The main problem with wasabi wallet is the change outputs, if you ever combine any of your change at a later point, there is a […]

Laundering bitcoins with altcoins

One method to launder bitcoins is with buying and selling altcoins on an altcoin exchange. Especially if you buy some anonymous coin like monero you will break any links from your original bitcoin to your mixed bitcoins you will receive after selling the altcoin. This is one of many methods we will publish on bitcoinmixerguide.com […]

Who should launder their bitcoin?

Everyone should use a bitcoin tumbler. Bitcoin is not really anonymous, but rather pseudonymous, which means as long as there is no link from your wallet to your name no one can identify you. But usually it is linked somehow and if you dont want other people to know your bitcoin spending and usage patterns […]