I. Introduction to bitcoin tumblers

II. How bitcoin tumblers work

Consider the following scenario:

John had always been a bit of a technophile, so when his friend Bob asked if he wanted to be paid in bitcoin for the work he did on his website, John agreed.

Unfortunately, things took a turn for the worse when Bob started acting differently around John. He started inviting him out to expensive dinners and asking him to join him on exotic vacations, suggesting that John should pay more than his fair share. John couldn’t figure out what had changed, but it wasn’t until he realized that Bob had been looking at his BTC wallet balance.

Bob had used the opportunity to pay John in Bitcoin as a way to see how much he had. When he saw that John had a significant amount of bitcoin, he started treating him differently in an attempt to get his hands on some of it.

John was devastated. He had no idea that his friend would do something like this, and he wished he had used a bitcoin tumbler in the past to obscure the amount of bitcoin he had in his wallet. If he had, Bob never would have known how much he was worth and their friendship might not have been damaged.

From then on, John made sure to use a bitcoin tumbler whenever he received payments in bitcoin. He learned the hard way that sometimes it’s better to keep your financial affairs private, even from those you trust.

III. Top-rated bitcoin tumblers

IV. Security considerations


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