ChipMixer is a Bitcoin mixer (also known as a “tumbler”) that allows anybody to anonymize their bitcoins. It accomplishes this by returning “pre-mixed” BTC that can’t be connected to your old coins in exchange for your BTC.

ChipMixer is a new, cutting-edge Bitcoin mixer that revolutionizes Bitcoin mixing. ChipMixer provides complete control over the mixing process, doesn’t charge a fee, allows you to combine many sources offchain, and even allows you to wager your funds while mixing in order to increase your anonymity! ChipMixer employs pre-funded “chips” of Bitcoin that are utilized to execute withdrawals before your deposit even arrives to process them, allowing you to withdraw a private key and choose when you receive the money.

This is excellent for people who value their privacy and want to separate the blockchain connections in their Bitcoin transactions, allowing their bitcoins to regain fungibility. ChipMixer also has the advantage of being a free service; regardless of how much money you want to mix, they’ll never charge you a fee.

ChipMixer link – chipmr5szekl6matkngioeepex7z4gc42wo7pbaoehlsywm2cvrk6zyd.onion

ChipMixer accomplishes its objectives by providing clients with pre-made “chips” that include mixed BTC in pre-determined amounts. These chips can be combined or split apart, and redeemed at various intervals.

After your initial deposit has been confirmed, there is no wait time. This implies that after you extract a chip and receive the BTC private key for it, you can send it immediately, or at your leisure. ChipMixer’s chips are also guaranteed to be fungible, which means each bitcoin represented by one of them is indistinguishable from the others.