The simple use of the digital market space and the marriage between cryptology and technology has paved the way for cryptocurrency transactions to come to the limelight. You might find it tedious and tiring to go to the bank, create an account and use that to make your payments.  At times like these, online currencies like bitcoins save you a lot of hassels!

The most popular cryptocurrency is Bitcoin. Bitcoins are like an alternative for gold (as a store of value), or even credit cards (as a means of payment). These algorithm-based currency transactions take place on the blockchain. So, how do you privatize them so prying eyes cannot trace your transactions? Let’s talk about what a bitcoin mixer is and how to use it to clean your bitcoins. Read through this article to learn more about bitcoin mixers.

What is a Bitcoin Mixer?

The transactions with Bitcoins are easily traceable, and anyone can pry into your payments/transactions because they are visible for the world to see on the immutable ledger known as the blockchain. However, you can avoid being so public simply by using a bitcoin mixer. So, as the name suggests, the mixer ‘shuffles’ your coins to make your address and identity incredibly challenging…basically impossible…to discover. It then creates a random address and identity for you, thus, making your crypto holdings private.

Steps to use Bitcoin mixers

Many mixers are available where you can mix your bitcoins. Usually, you can access these mixers through the dark web, such as through the Tor network. Nevertheless, to access these mixers, you need to go through some steps.

1.     Use the correct web address

Ensure the weblinks you use for the mixers are correct, as they might have different versions of the same address since not all might lead to the safe, anonymous mixers. Besides, this way, you will avoid having to deal with duplicate web pages.

2.     Add Your Bitcoin Account details

In the trusted bitcoin mixer website, add your wallet address, your funds, transaction time and others for the mixer to disguise your identity.

3.     Transfer your money to the account

Deposit some bitcoin into the account you created in the mixer since the mixer ensures a safer transaction.

4.     Wait for the mixer to produce a random address

The mixing process will occur, and the mixer will produce a random address or code to make your identity anonymous. So if you have provided the correct information, then all your transactions will be sent or gotten privately.


Bitcoin mixers generally exist to your currency exchanges as untraceable as possible. However, identifying an authentic mixer can be a problem. So, ensure the mixer website you use is genuine and do not keep track of your transactions.