Bitcoin Mixer & Bitcoin Tumbler Services 2021

Bitcoin Mixer And Tumbler

It is hard to find a good bitcoin mixer these days, most of the old school bitcoin tumblers like bitblender or bestbitcoinmixer are shut down.

There are complicated wallets like wasabi wallet or samurai wallet which might be good solutions in the future, but they are far from ready to use.

This is why we wanted to create this info page, so people can find good and useful bitcoin mixers and tumblers which can 100% anonymize your bitcoin transactions.

Bitcoin mixers are also called bitcoin laundry or bitcoin cleaner.

The problem with most bitcoin mixers is that they are on the clear web, avoid clear web bitcoin mixers! They are not secure and provide poor privacy from FBI etc. You need to use mixers on the darkweb instead.

Also don’t use mixers where you send coins to address A and a few hours later you receive the same amount minus fees on address B.

Those are not secure and never will be, it is far too easy to track because of the amounts, which tend to be very specific out to many decimal places.

Only use dark web based mixers that provide you with the possibility to create an account and have a real anonymous bitcoin wallet.

That way you are in full control and can send for example 1 bitcoin to the mixer, and withdraw smaller amounts like 0.1323 + 0.21 etc when ever you need to pay for something.

That way your transaction history is really broken and no one can watch what you are doing with your bitcoins.

Bitcoin Mixer 2021 – How To Mix Bitcoin

As promised, here is a  list of good mixers and bitcoin cleaners. There are some preliminary steps you need to undertake, but nothing terribly difficult. Simply follow along with the steps we provide below, in sequential order, an you’ll be able to tumble your Bitcoins.

To use a bitcoin mixer service, do the following:

1. Download Tor Browser

Download Tor browser from

2. Create an account

Then go to one of the following sites with your Tor browser and create an account:

http://hqfld5smkr4b4xrjcco7zotvoqhuuoehjdvoin755iytmpk4sm7cbwad.onion/ Mixabit – Bitcoin mixer

http://y22arit74fqnnc2pbieq3wqqvkfub6gnlegx3cl6thclos4f7ya7rvad.onion/ Dark Mixer – Anonymous bitcoin mixer

http://p2qzxkca42e3wccvqgby7jrcbzlf6g7pnkvybnau4szl5ykdydzmvbid.onion/ Onion wallet – Anonymous and secure bitcoin wallet and mixer

3. Mix your coins

Now you can deposit bitcoins to this new wallet to start your bitcoin laundry, and when ever you need to pay for something, the site will send the payment with fresh and mixed bitcoins without any connection to your deposited coins.

We hope this little guide about bitcoin mixers was helpful for you.

It is really important to always use a good mixer when you are buying things on the dark web.

Avoid snake oil bitcoin mixers which do not offer real mixing, and only use mixers which are located on an .onion address.

Mixers on clear web domains are easy to deanonymize for the FBI, so don’t use them!

Also never use mixers which are on an .onion, but also have a .com domain, the FBI will just seize the server because a .com domain server is not hidden like a .onion domain.

There are not many bitcoin tumblers which really work, but we provides a small list of mixers we trust and are technically far better than the alternatives out there for anonymous bitcoin.

To make bitcoin anonymous just use one of the mixers on this site, and you can make sure your transactions are as private as they should be.

Bitcoin Mixer